Sunday, July 29, 2007

Prepare Ye for the...SIGGRAPH 2007 conference

Hey ya'll!!

I know, I know...been a long time..and yeah, I have some good excuses for my lack of blogging. And I have a feeling I've lost some of my friends checking my blog out regularly because of that lack. But patients will be rewarded. I've been all over the world since my last bloggings...Taiwan, Rapid City, SD...and various other closer places. I've been busy with my travel as well as coaching my team girls at the gym, playing softball with the guys from church (and taking a few massive slides for the which I was safe every time!!).
But the biggest thing has been trying to get my crap in a pile and getting ready for THE conference for animators, SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego, CA this Aug. I leave from Omaha next Sunday and return to Omaha on Friday after. Some of you may remember that I went to this conference while I was still working in Taiwan at "the company we shall not name". I am returning better then ever. Last time, I really didn't feel I had a reel that I could fully push at employers. It was more for the experience and childhood dreams that I'd be discovered...even though my reel did NOT show my true talent (something I think many young animators find before they get into that first job...or at least animators like myself.) This year though, I'm coming guns blazing!! My demo reel is getting tighter by the day (still working on it as of right now!). My biz cards have been redesigned and they look HOT! The nice thing is that my print portfolio has been my strongest part...and because of that, I'm not changing much in that. I just gotta find those extras..UGH! SO anyways...

Anyways..just wanted to send out a note to make sure you all that still occasionally check my blog know that I'm still alive and kicking! I'm just working away at trying to get that animation job that God has in store for me!! It just might be I'll be posting about an amazing oppertunity that God has brought into my life!!! like maybe a job at Disney Feature Animation??? Dreams may come time!!

well..until laterz!