Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mydas' Touch

Well, I realized today that I have not added ANY pics of my work on this animation blog. SO, I'm here to rectify that here and now. At the beginning of the month, I participated in this animation contest called Animadness 2006. As of this post, I haven't heard any results from that contest. I figured you all might like to see some stills (and maybe the actual film if I can figure out how to get it loaded on the site). So..here's some sample stills from the short.

here's the main character, Mydas, who is a pet dragon. The next image is the DVD cover art (the color isn't correct...but you get the idea, right? :) ).

I'll try to get some more shots posted later. And if I don't figure out a way to get the movie posted, I'll for sure let ya'll know when the contest streamlines it on there site.

Untill laterz!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Next project...

        Well, now that the ANIMADNESS 2006 animation contest has concluded (still awaiting the results), I'm moving on to the next project, or actually, projectS. I have one animation that is CG and one that is traditional hand drawn. For the most part, they're stories that have been in development for a LONG time and I think 2006 is a good year to finish them..or at least one in 2006 and the other in 2007. All this is contingent on any jobs that take me into the world of studio work. That might move the finish dates of these animations to later on..but we'll see. For now, just working on nailing down the story and storyboards. I'll keep the updates coming.

on a side note: PIXAR is now officially no more. Well, it's still PIXAR, but now officially owned by Disney. As far as I can tell, there is more good from this merger then bad. Since I'm a traditional enthusiast, I see the fact that John Lasseter desires to bring traditional 2D animation back to the company that made it an art form as reason enough to be excited about this transaction!

Until laterz!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Mydas' Touch" is now COMPLETE!!

        I have just now as of 4am, closed the mailer that contains the animated short film that my team is entering into the ANIMADNESS 2006 contest. It's been the LONGEST three weeks, and I haven't worked on so few hours of sleep since my days in college! I'm hoping to link to the website that will have the streaming video of all the contestants when they post it. I'll also put up some shots for your viewing pleasure soon. But for now...IT'S SLEEPY TIME!!!