Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year of the DAWG!!

WOOF WOOF!! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! (especially to my friends in Taiwan!! Ni hao!! Wo Aye Ni!!!)

My Chinese New Year will be spent flying to Las Vegas for my birthday this week! Then out to LA to job hunt, so hopefully some awesome studio (Disney) will see some potential (ahem..Disney) in this YOUNG animator!!

Until laterz,

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Good Samaritan...

I wanted to keep this blog to what I was doing in my animation career and projects, but since at the moment I'm mainly getting things ready for my trip out to California in February. After reading my friends blog that helped push me into this cult..I mean..Bandwagon of bloggers (cough..JULIE..cough), I've decided to fill everyone into an happening I had yesterday. I went to meet a buddy of mine for a late dinner at Perkins and as I get out of my car, two young girls in a Ford Taurus call out to me and ask if I know how to fix a flat tire. This is something I really don't enjoy doing, but after hearing these two were only 17 and from a town about an hour away from Sioux Falls and they truly didn't have a clue on how to begin to change a tire (something I think ALL drivers should know how to do), I decided to be the Good Guy and help. I felt better about my choice when they said how many people just ignored them. Stupid me..can't just keep on walking. Anyways, after checking to see if my friend had arrived yet (he hadn't), I unload the tire and all the crappy equipment Ford puts in the trunk to repair these things. I proceeded to use the crappy jack to lift the car off the tire and then removed all the bolts holding the tire to the axel. Feeling confident I have this manly activity under control, I lift the tire off the axel. At that very moment, the car decides it wants to roll backwards and pins my right wrist against the tire and the wheel well. I continued to remove the tire from the now on the ground axel and that freed my hand from the tight spot. At this point, I was done with this situation. I stood up and suggested they try a tow truck and looked at my wrist to see some bruising start. After organizing the wheels and parts together for the next "good guy", I looked at my wrist and noticed it was a little worse then before, now it was bleeding.

Combine the loss of blood and my standing up really fast together and I was starting to head into la-la land. I held it together and grabbed my buddy and headed into Perkins to get some much needed food and clean up my wound. Long story cut down slightly, I cleaned up my wrist which was sliced partly and very tender to the touch, but not broken. I then had some good breakfast for dinner. On my way back to my car, I noticed the girls were still there. Even though my first instinct was to run the opposite direction, I decided to keep going towards my car. I was happy to find that some other Joe had come along and fixed the tire and the girls were about to head back on there way home.

Well..if this taught me anything the next time I see some girls in need of a tire change, it's taught me to just give them the number of a good tow truck! And as for the hand, well, it's still usable and hasn't gone gangrene life is good.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year...New Job?

Hey all...So, it's been a LONG time since my first post, and I hope to make the future ones more regular. Now that I'm through the holidays without that much damage and my sister's wedding has come and gone, it's time to focus. In the future, I want to use this blog to be a running journal of such with my personal animations, two of which are in pre-production. But I want it to also be a report on my job search. I'm taking a job search trip out to the city of Angels the first part of February. The end goal to get a position in a studio that is producing film/TV character animation, but it is also to cultivate and develop some contacts I have in the field. Hopefully the fruit of my labor will be shown soon. And hoping to get a little tan is California after all!