Friday, March 28, 2008

Up Coming Art Show...

Hey all!!

I've been frantically (even though I've known about this for a LONG time) trying to get my pieces together for a local traveling Cartoonist Art Show that gets installed this weekend. I've been thinking about it for a long time..and had a few ideas floating around in my head...but just didn't get to work on them. NOW, two days from the installation, I've been flooded with new ideas for pieces. All my work this round is based on my short film, "The Quest for El Capitan's Crunch" and loosely influenced by one of my favorite pop artists, Andy Warhol. I'd like to keep doing work with my Dakota Kid character, but in more on the POP ART style while I continue to work on the short, which I WILL be doing in the future!! I MUST! lol

so anyways..I thought I'd post an image to tease you with. I'm not sure if this will make this show or not, but for now I'll post it on here. I'll have pictures of the show to post next week. Until then...


Friday, March 14, 2008

the next Pixar hit!

In case some of you haven't seen the last trailer for Pixar's next sure to be mega-hit, WALL*E, check it out here:

A robot hasn't come to the big screen with this much appeal since Short Circuit! I'm really excited to see this one. And of course, the animation is stellar! Pixar is still king when it comes to CG character least in my humble opinion!

Until laterz!