Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dakota Kid sketches...

So besides the modeling in Maya, I've been reworking my design of Dakota Kid. I thought I had him nailed down, but then I realized I wanted to make him more animatable. The design style he was in was more flat Cartoon Network style...I'm going more for a traditional "old school" style. As well as something that has a little more volume to him. Having a small, short, squaty little character (which for some reason I usually design) makes it harder for me to draw some poses; hard to keep him on model..but I'll get it worked out. I'm also trying to get his face a little more'll come. But for's where I'm at:

Until laterz!

Look arms..

and the arms are roughed in. Not sure how fast the updates on this project will be, but I'll try to keep plugging away. I may switch to doing my own character so that I feel like something more then just coping a pattern of someone else. But it's at least good practice.

Here ya go:

Until laterz!

Friday, August 24, 2007

He's got legs...

And yet another stage of the creation. I've now got the torso and legs going pretty good. To be honest, I am not trying to create the perfect model..I'm just trying to further my skills with modeling. But at the same time, this will really help my OWN characters that I've decided it's gonna be cheaper and easier for me to model least if I really want them realized.

So here ya go:

Next have the right to BARE ARMS!!!

Until laterz!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some more definition...

Hey all!

Here's the latest render for Meepers. I tried smoothing it and it seems I've got some parts that aren't seeming together. We'll see if I can get it figured out and add the legs and arms soon. Looks like this might be a good basic body for one of my current aniamtion ideas...time will tell! ya go!

Until laterz!

Little by little

So for most of you, you wouldn't really see THAT much difference in the torso from the last post to this one. But believe me..there's differences. And not just one is cubic and the other is smooth. But that's not important.'s the updated image render.

More to come soon!! Hopefully some legs...or an arm...or something..

Until laterz!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Latest Challenge

Hey all!

Even though I still need to blog about my trips to San Diego and San Jose this last month, I've decided that blogging about my animation is slightly more important. If only to keep me on task. I've started to do a little review project in modeling and such, aka. the part of 3D animaiton I don't see as my strong points. So, this is gonna seem really basic to some and maybe amazing or tiedious to others. Basically, this is just what I'm doing right now. I'm following a book that uses the characters from Sony's "The Chubbchubbs" animated short. So, the design isn't mine, but the work is.

Here's what I've got as of now. Isn't it pretty!!

Until laterz!