Monday, June 21, 2010

Animation Mentor: Done..AGAIN!!

SO..those followers who might still be checking in on me may realize that it's been about three months since I've posted anything on my blogs. those three months, I have been working on learning how to get my work to a feature film polish stage, along with trying to get the best demo reel I can at this point in my career. It was an added three months past my graduation and was even tougher at times then any other time of my AM time, but in the was well worth it. Sean Sexton was an amazing mentor and he truly helped me realize what POLISH really is. My job is to now take that knowledge and keep working on my film, as well as working on new acting/dialogue shots, as I continue to push towards feature film character animation!

but for's the demo reel I ended the class with. Because some of the shots aren't fully polished, I'll edit this down to a more solid reel adding to it as I finish shots or create new ones. But for ya go:

Thanks for all the support the last two years from my followers and I hope to make the blog a little more active as more "LIFE" happens to me!

until laterz!