Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The envelope, please....

Even without everyone's favorite Oscar party happening this year, I did still have my prediction contest. We had several returning contestants competing for the coveted braggin rights for the next year!

The winner is...

KERRI VOGEL with 16 correct predictions! And here's her award:

Anthony Vogel was close with 15 predictions. Ian & Lara Bronson followed with 10 correct picks. Ellie Saxer fought for third, but pulled in fourth with 9 correct predictions. Myself and my nephew, Justin, were 5 and 4, respectively. But we both were pushing for upsets with Sweeney Todd and Juno!! One of these years more of MY choices are gonna win and I'm gonna win this contest! ha! Maybe when I'm a voting member of the Academy!

Thanks for everyone that participated! Those that missed the deadline or just forgot..there's always next year!!

Until laterz!

It was a RAT race!!

RATATOUILLE brings on home the lil' golden trophy home to Pixar and Disney!

Even though the awards show was nothing to really talk about, and I didn't have my annual party...I did have my Oscar Prediction contest and the results will be posted soon! And the awards given as well!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The BEST day of the YEAR!!!

*and it's my birthday, TOO!!*