Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Animation Mentor — The Fourth Class!

Halfway through my amazing Animation Mentor journey, I'm just started Class 4. This class is Advanced Acting. We are gonna finish up the lip sync on our last shot, then also complete a two person dialogue. This is the last "class" I will have until I start on my short film. Classes 5 & 6 are all about producing our short.

For Class 4, I was given Jon Collins for a mentor. He is currently at Pixar, working on Toy Story 3. I hadn't known Jon before this class, but have had several AM friends who have had him in previous classes. This is his first time teaching Adv. Acting, but I think he's gonna be great! We had our first Live Q&A last night and it was the most active class I've been in since Class 1! There are a couple people who are repeating the class and a few fellow LA-ers! All in all, I'm stoked to get going in this term. I have most of this week off from coaching (for the Independence Day holiday), so hopefully I can get my work done earlier this week and enjoy the weekend!

Check back to see how the week finishes up and to see my animation jump to the next stage. And thanks for continuing to join me on this quest toward my dream and passion of being an animator!!

Until laterz!