Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Animation Mentor: REFRESHER!!!

Well, I know some of you thought I was done and finished with Animation Mentor. But you were WRONG!! Yes, I finished up last Friday with the 18 month course, but I am now taking a Polish and Portfolio class which was not part of my track. My plan is to get work more on my film, yes, but also to get my other AM shots demo reel ready. Some things I work on this term might not be noticeable to many of you viewers, but to the people that might hire me, they will see it. SO, this begins my FINAL, final push at AM. Nothing NEW will be created this term, but much of my previous stuff shall be pushed to new heights (hopefully).

My new mentor (fourth one who is working at Dreamworks and third one who worked on "How to train your Dragon") is the AMAZING Sean Sexton!!! (click here for his film bio) I had my first Q&A with him tonight and besides having MASSIVE issues with the internet and the stupid AM site, it's gonna be a GREAT term!! More to come...

until laterz!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animation Mentor DONE!!!...kinda


The last 18 months have been so many things. Amazing, exciting, long, educational, long, fast, long...so many things. I haven't seen much of this thing called the "outside world", But now it's come to a close. Well, it's not fully closed. I have decided to take an extra class and do the new POLISH/DEMO REEL class. Many of my AM friends have taken this class and their work shows amazing polish. I'm hoping I can have that same level of polish in my demo reel when the class finishes in three months.

Thank you to all of you loyal viewers. I'll try to keep updating with my work both in and out of AM. But for now, FREEDOM!!!! well..at least until Monday at noon.

until laterz!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 612

Week 612

Part of our final assignment for Class 6 is to post our progress reel from our time at Animation Mentor. We needed to compile all our work from Class 2-6. As you might be able to tell, I have really enjoyed putting together my work. My actual demo reel won't be this crazy, but I have fun with this progress reel. Each term, I've taken the AM "Spike" logo and created a version from the film each mentor was working on (or recently had worked on) when I had them in class:

Victor Navone: "Alien Song"

Rebecca Perez: "Bolt"

Marek Kockout: "Shrek 4"

Jon Collins: "Toy Story 3"

Mark Pudleiner: "Meet the Robinsons"

Greg Whittaker: "How to Train Your Dragon"

You won't see the Class 1 icon, because we weren't to put that class on this reel. But the rest are present. I kinda had a blast designing these icon's and love this style of design. It's leaning towards the Mary Blair style, which I love. I wish I was trained better in color like Mary Blair. Still gotta work on learning more. Google "Mary Blair" if you wanna know more about her.

But back to my progress reel. Not much to say, so I should just show you. Here's my latest AM progress reel:

if you want to see a larger version click HERE

until laterz!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 611

Week 611

well...it's finally arrived. The LAST assignment upload of Class 6 and my Animation Mentor course. It's been a crazy, hectic, LONG six months. My film has gone through some major changes, but still manages to stay true to the film ideas I started out with. It's not finished, not even close. I have tons of technically issues that haven't been addressed, let alone finishing up the animation and doing some major polish on the shots. But I am really happy with where it's at. I wasn't always feeling good about it, but after some time to digest it all, I feel it's a good point.

Here's the latest version of my short film:

until laterz!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 610

Week 610

so yeah...the last couple weeks has been CRAZY. In week 8, I was laid up sick all week and had to furiously get my work done and handed in a couple days late. Then I was still recovering in week 9, but got my work done. Now that week 10 was semi normal, I could get some major work done. This week we were suppose to be working on the first HALF. This is probably the last time we'll get any feedback on this part of our film. I worked my TAIL off to get stuff as far as I could, but still feel like I didn't get anything done. I know that I took on a HUGE task with this film. I have this love/hate relationship with it. But mostly, I love where the film is at. Unfortunately I won't have a fully finished animated short at the end of this class. But I'll have the makings of some awesome shots for my reel, I hope!

anyways..here's the latest version. ENJOY!!: