Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dakota Kid...finalized!

So here's some of the first finished character sheets for the "normal" look of the main character, DAKTOA KID. I've finalized the five other looks of the character, but yet to get them inked and colored. Since I'm the only one that's working on this short, I'm not really needing to do finished sheets like these, but to be honest, it makes me feel a tad more professional! So without further adooo, here's the first character design sheets:

Friday, September 28, 2007

A new direction...

If you read my last post, one would think that I was bringing this current blog to an end. This would have been correct, except that I decided to change the direction of this blog. Better yet, I wanted to focus this blog a little more. If you go to my website, you can see my blog that has more random life and career stuff. I've recently decided to FULLY plunge into completing another animated short. The catch this time, I want to do it right and hopefully finish with a product I really feel proud of. SOO...I'm going to use this blog to keep all you LOYAL viewers updated on the production. I have, and still do, enjoy finding blogs from other animators telling and showing their creative processes. Now maybe I'll get some animators that find encouragement from this blog...and if least it's letting a few of my friends see what I'm up to!

So..I'll be posting some pre-production stuff on here soon.

Until laterz!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Change of Blogs...

Hey all!

Just to let you know that I'm posting more blog stuff on my website....

It's just easier to keep it going on there. I may still use this page, but for now, check my website out for new stuff about me and see newer work.

Until laterz!