Saturday, April 29, 2006


        I wanted to just do an update in the off chance that anyone checks my blog. I'm in the middle of the Animadness 2006 animation contest. We've got two weeks down (exactly as of three minutes ago) and we are working out bums off to get the massive story done in three weeks. This kinda pressure reminds me of my days in Taiwan at ORTV...where I had to do six minutes of finished animation in about two or three weeks. And this is ten times more animation then one episode of "Say It Right"!

        Anyways..I'm heading back to work and going on the fourth night in a row where I don't get to sleep till almost dawn. But at least it's Saturday tomorrow! I'll be posting some samples from the short after we finish the film. So...check back!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

And the Madness begins...

        Last night was when the Animadness 2006 animation contest started. The team I joined, BlueFox Animation (a friend from college and her boyfriend and I), were given the theme of "GREED". And then "A PET" and "A BOX" were the main character and object that have to be used in the short. We now have three weeks (ends May 6th) to produce an animated short under 5 min. The team is three of us and we aren't all in the same area, so it's gonna be a challenge to create this short via internet. I'll give more updates about how things are going as the contest goes!

        Until then...laterz!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Animadness 2006...

        It's a week before Easter weekend and I'm prepping for the start of a three week project. I'm joining a team of three for an animation contest that is starting this Friday, April 14th (Good Friday) to produce an original animated short (under 5 min.) I can't give out any details..even if I wanted too, cause we haven't been given the details that our story has to contain. That's part of the fun!

        I'll for sure post more about this, but probably after we've completed it and gotten it sent in by the deadline..just to make sure the idea doesn't get stolen! in the rare chance some other team comes upon my blog! ha! don't think I got that big an audience.

        Well..that's it for now. Just wanted to clue some of you readers what's going on. I'm also hoping that I will kick start my blogging with this entry. But we've said that before..haven't we!

Until laterz...