Sunday, February 21, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 607

Week 607

This week brought us back to the first third of our films. If you've been following, you'll notice that my film has changed quite a bit from where I started. I'm sure it's not done changing, but I do think it's pretty close to being locked least in the area of the shot numbers and length.

I combined all three of the shots from this third into one, per my mentors suggestion. I really feel like it's working better and am happy to not have to deal with all the cuts and the hook ups and just simplier is better, I find. Not sure why I can't remember that point when i START these things. I'm learning!

The color parts of the film are the parts I've worked on this week. The b/w parts haven't changed from the previous weeks. So..without further's the latest version of my film:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 606

Week 606

Well, it's three weeks later and I'm halfway through my final class at AM. The last few weeks we've been taking our films to the "Blocking Plus" pass. Basically that's just continuing to push the animation forward, making sure the mechanics are working, along with all the acting beats and timing. You'll notice there have been some big changes, and the next time you see the film, it'll have changed more. that's life! but it's all for the best. Now, without any further ta's the Blocking Plus pass of my film:

Thanks for continuing to follow my progress. Next SHOULD be the spline pass. Time will see!!

until laterz!