Friday, December 15, 2006

Northern Lights

Last night I walked outside from my room and looked toward the northern sky high above the town lights of Brandon to watch the faint dancing lights of the Aurora borealis! It was kind of amazing. It was tough to see them and not as clear as I'm sure it is up in Alaska or Canada, but I couldn't help think about the Disney film "Brother Bear". This film might not be on most peoples top animated film lists, but there was something simply magical about the story and the look of this film when I went to see it. And each time I pop in the DVD, I get the same feeling. In college, I took a Native American art class to fill an Art History requirement for my degree. One of my favorite regions of Native American art was the Pacific Northwest and this film brought those studies back to my memory. I'm not sure if last night was the only night the lights could be seen from my part of the world, but if your awake at around midnight..and you don't live in a brightly lit out and check it out. You might be plesantly surprised at the glory of God's creation! (yes...I know there is a scientific reason for the event, but God created that scientific reason!!)

Until laterz!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lamont!
I totally hear you! That brings me right back to my days at Providence College in Manitoba. We would lie down on the prairie and watch God's handiwork in awe! The Northern lights are like His great hand with a paintbrush dancing across the sky.

"God of wonder ... God of light... God of royal beauty bright ..."

Great to check out your blog again.