Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cartoonist Exhibit

I talked a few weeks ago about a Cartoonist Exhibit I was asked to be a part of. I had a blast getting ready for it (well..after I figured out what I would create for it!). I used the time and "project" to work through some character designs for two projects of mine. One being my company/personal identity character, Dakota Kid. I've had the image of him in my brain, and just couldn't get it out on paper. A problem I tend to have with many of my great ideas! :) Anyways, I was finally able to be inspired to create what I think is pretty close to a finished design. But I know that even great characters evolve in design through the years, so Dakota Kid could find more changes, but for now, this is what I've got! Look for him on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to mud flaps...well..maybe not the mud flaps!

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