Sunday, October 26, 2008

Animation Mentor: Week 104-Intro to Timing

Hey all! Week four flew by super fast. I was able to keep the late nights to a minimum, but it was still a tough week. I did get everything finished on time..with work all night long on Friday and pretty much all day Saturday. Here's an overview!


It was the first week without a STU pose to do. Besides revising last weeks pose, our only assignment was to create two balls bouncing. One that showed heavy weight and the other light. I chose a cannon ball and a playground ball (which turned into a beach ball). Of course, I couldn't just do the basic ball bounce..I had to find more to do and make life harder. Doing more then the basic assignment isn't advised, unless you can nail the basic mechanics of each assignment. I have found myself doing above the assignment more and more, and I feel like it might backfire sometime. But here's the planning of the assignment and the final animation I submitted to my mentor:

I got many comments about the creative idea, and the weighted ball was good, but I had a major issue with getting the ball to do what I wanted and come to a complete stop within the frame limit we were given. This is a huge thing to understand and be able to do. Because in a studio, animators will be given a set number of frames to create the shot. I'm not sure directors really like when you can't make it happen within that time frame.

Sunday night, Victor got our E-Critiques done and uploaded. He liked my poses and my choice to pose STU..and he picked out "Singing in the Rain" directly! :) For the most part, I was on track with my bouncing ball, but still had some things to fix.

Here are the revised Pose:

And here's the revised bouncing ball assignment:

Week 4 has ended and Week 5 is starting. Next week is gonna be crazy with another pose for STU and the famous Obstacle Course. Check in again to join me on my journey through ANIMATION MENTOR!!!

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Ryan Hagen said...

Hey Lamont,

Looking pretty good man, keep it rockin'. I really like the pose you've got going with the Stu character. I'm not sure you're looking for more crits or not, but I thought I might chime in at the risk of stepping on toes:) What kind of ball were you going for that hits the cannon? Looks a little like a beachball at the start, but then at around 70 there's a weird forward movement on the ball that looked a little forced to me. I would've liked to see it continue rolling bit more at the end to help loose some of the energy as well, instead of stopping so suddenly. Maybe rolling around on itself, if that makes sense. The cannon ball looked great as well as the other ball looked great!!! Keep it up man.