Friday, February 06, 2009

Animation Mentor: Assignment #1 Revision

Week 204 Revision

Once again, I got a quick and well received e-crit from my mentor, Rebecca Perez. She felt I really did a great job, especially with the shorter amount of time to do the assignment because of my computer issues. She had a couple tweaks to push this shot even closer to being signed off on. I took those tweaks and tried to address all of them. After the first pause and his turn to look down at the stone, I had never really liked how that felt and Rebecca had commented on something in that area. I ended up doing more of a change to this area, and took out the big step and made it more a slide step.

Here's the revised version I am submitting this week:

Now gotta just get further on this blocking pass for Assignment #2! It'll be pretty sweet if I can get it worked through! Check back to see how it goes...

Until laterz!

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