Sunday, February 21, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 607

Week 607

This week brought us back to the first third of our films. If you've been following, you'll notice that my film has changed quite a bit from where I started. I'm sure it's not done changing, but I do think it's pretty close to being locked least in the area of the shot numbers and length.

I combined all three of the shots from this third into one, per my mentors suggestion. I really feel like it's working better and am happy to not have to deal with all the cuts and the hook ups and just simplier is better, I find. Not sure why I can't remember that point when i START these things. I'm learning!

The color parts of the film are the parts I've worked on this week. The b/w parts haven't changed from the previous weeks. So..without further's the latest version of my film:

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Ben Prohl said...

that's like cool and all. You make some realy neat stuff.