Monday, October 09, 2006

Playing Catch-up...My Mini Vacation

So...I realize I should do some updating of some past stuff that's been going on. I'm gonna start with the most recent trip to NYC!!

A good buddy of mine from Taiwan, Campbell, was visiting his parents in New York, before visiting his girlfriend's, Linda (also a co-worker from Taiwan), family in LA.
I decided that it'd been too long since I'd gotten to see them and I bought a plane ticket to NYC and spent a long weekend with them. I flew in and hung out with some friends of Campbell's.
Then we spent the next two days mostly in the Times Square area of NYC. We tried to get cheap Student Rush tickets to JERSEY BOYS but they ran out a few people in front of us. We tried for the WICKED lottery tickets (front row seats for $25) two times and didn't win. We then walked around trying to find cheap tickets to other shows. We finally decided on an off-broadway show called FORBIDDEN BROADWAY. It's a hilarious show with only four in the cast. The really cool thing about this show was that one of the actors was a good friend of Campbell's. We got to talk with him, get an autograph (he's gonna be huge one day!!) and then saw the backstage. It was a fun experience. Jared Bradshaw (cast of FORBIDDEN BROADWAY) & Campbell Chang (future Broadway star!!)

Then the second day, we tried for lottery tickets for THE DROWSY CHAPERONE. It was a smaller lottery then the Wicked one, but guess what..I WON!!! I got two front row tickets for $25 each. Since we had three people in our group, we purchased a balcony ticket and split the cost among us. Campbell let Linda and I have the front row tickets since it was our FIRST REAL BROADWAY show. Let me tell you, it was a blast! I loved that I made eye contact with one of the leads and she continued to find me when she came to my side of the stage. If you get to NYC in the near future, I highly recommend seeing both these shows. Next time the Wicked lottery tickets are MINE!! ha!

After seeing some more of downtown NYC, such as the Staten Island ferry at night, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, The 5th Ave. Disney Store, and places like Rockerfeller Plaza, I also stuffed myself with some wonderful Chinese food (a bi-product of staying with Taiwanese people) and my favorite donuts, DUNKIN' DONUTS!!! All in all, the time in New York and with Campbell and his family, was such a great time. It reminded me of how much I miss my friends that are still in Taiwan (or have moved back to their respective home countries), but I look forward to these mini "reunion" trips. SAN DIEGO 2007, BABY!!!!

Until laterz!

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Linda said...

Ah! Love the pictures and the summary... bring up such memories!!!! So glad you came out Lamont!!! =)

And everyone asks me ... where are pictures of Lamont. I had to sheepishly confess that when Lamont was with us, both Campbell and I ceased taking any pictures at all. =)

Hope you're doing well!