Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stupid Logic...

Hello out there!

I have just now received my wonderful laptop computer (the life blood of not only my blogging, but also of my whole freelance and personal life!!) from the wonderful people at Mac Doctors and Apple. Last week, after doing some work for a client, I discovered my computer would not come back awake. I didn't even hear the lovely BONG that all Mac users know signals the start of these wonderful computers. Anyways, I frantically ran to my file cabinet to check my records for my Apple Care warranty paperwork. I jumped for joy as I saw that my Apple Care had another whole MONTH before it was null and void! WHOO HOO! This totally sold me on paying for this warranty with ALL my future Apple computers. Back to the point of this blog. I am now together again with my beloved computer and internet. (Is this a sign of addiction or dependance?? ha!) Tons of things have begun happening for me and my freelance company, Dakota Kid Studios. It's been an amazing last year, and the next one looks even better!!

Until laterz!

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