Saturday, January 06, 2007


So the NEW YEAR is upon us and I decided I should make a post. This is a little illustration I just did today. It's a commissioned piece by a guy from church for one of our pastors that is leaving to go to a church plant in Custer, SD. I know, it took me a lot to create a NON-DISNEY character, but it's a paying gig! I do what pays the bills! :) It's actually an inside joke between the men that commissioned the drawing and Pastor, so I can't really tell you what the meaning of it is..except that the Pastor is most comfortable in his cowboy boots and hat.

Until laterz!

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Anonymous said...

I just though a little clarification is in order. That pastor wears a shirt and pants but his feet are most comfortable in boots and his head in a cowboy hat. Bugs looks okay in his birthday suit wearing only a hat and boots but I would fear the sight of a man wearing such attire (esp. a pastor).