Thursday, April 26, 2007

Current projects

Hey all!

I figured I should probably post an entry, so you guys don't think I've jumped OFF the bloggin bandwagon. I've been frantically trying to get some pieces ready for the "Sioux Falls Cartoonist Exhibit" that is happening here in May. My stuff is due to the people by May 1. That's not too long from now. Plus then add to that trying to get some things done and ready for my friends, Campbell and Linda's wedding, as well as, trying to get some "HELLO...HIRE ME!!" animation created and ready for the people at Disney to take notice...and then there's the work at the gym (ya know..the stuff that pays the bills!) and you pretty much have my whole life right there!

The image above is one of the pieces (I think) that I'll have in the show. (For some reason the image looks blue..that ain't right...but the true image is yellow!!) If I get another piece finished, this one might get bumped, but we'll see. After the opening, I'll post more on what I did put in, and how the show went.

Until laterz!

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