Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where've I been??

Hey all!!

I realized I have tried to post a few times in the last couple months and for one reason or another, I didn't get it done. So, just to make sure you all know I'm still alive..here's a quickie. I've been pretty busy with work and coaching. The gymnastics season is coming to a close, so that's gonna make life a slight easier. I've had a few clients that have wanted some animation done, so that's taken most of my time. Now, I'm focused on a few personal projects and getting ready for a few trips this summer. I'm heading over to Taiwan for my wonderful friend's, Campbell Chang and Linda Way, wedding in June and then go to San Diego for this years SIGGRAPH 2007 conference and to catch up again with my friend Julie. I'll be posting more about these trips and about my next push to get a job at an animation studio (get ready Disney!!)

Until laterz!

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beth said...

you're coming back for camlin's wedding??! i hadn't heard! that's awesome! yay! can't wait to see you! :)