Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Drawing Club - Aug. 21st

Tonight's Drawing Club theme was the "French Maid" with the classic comedy/who-dunnit "Clue" playing in the background. The model was really good. I think she was a previous character (Audry Hepburn). Each week I have extremes of "I'm getting this stuff figured out" to "I'm freakn' never gonna figure this stuff out" while I'm drawing. But it never fails that when I get home and scan the drawings in, I find positives that I didn't see before. I'm really trying to just develop as a draftsman and do realize there are things that need to become second hand when I draw.

Here are tonight's highlights: (Click on the images to see larger versions)

Until laterz!

ps. This is also my 100th post for my "DakotaKid Corral" blog!! WHOO HOO!! Here's to 100 more!

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