Friday, June 19, 2009

Animation Mentor: Class 312

Week 312

Well..the last week of the term at Animation Mentor is usually the easiest. There are no grades given out and really all we have to do is attend our final Q&A and post our progress reel of our time at AM. So, really, this week was gonna be the start of a much needed break for me and my classmates. We didn't get one between the last term and this kinda excited just to not HAVE to do anything.

When I got my e-crit from Marek, I was happy to hear that he felt it had come a long way and was looking really good. He had two main points, one being the hand tap on the banister and the other having to do with how it still doesn't feel like the voice is coming FROM the head. The hand tap I fixed up and left the head till I put in the mouth animation (even though, I guess I should have addressed this earlier in the process. Guess that's something I gotta learn from for my next shot!).

Here's the "FINAL" version for Class 3: (just to remind mouth animation yet!)

This weeks final Live Q&A was a great one. It was great to talk about peoples shots and even talk about how some people were going to repeat the class to get more prepared or they were taking off a term to do the same thing. At the start of this term, Marek told us this class was gonna be tough, and he was right! I have really enjoyed having Marek as a mentor. I even got to speak my opinion about my feelings on the Shrek franchise (which Marek is currently working on the 4th installment. The comment was based on how I felt Shrek 3 was better then 2. This is not a belief held by many, I guess!!). It lead to an on going joke about how Marek is gonna blackball me from Dreamworks...but it's all in fun. I'm pretty sure...LOL All in all, I am continuing to make some great friends in this industry and hopefully those friends will turn to co-workers on some future features!!

Until laterz!

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