Sunday, December 13, 2009

Animation Mentor: Week 511

Week 511

Last graded week of Animation Mentor Class 5!! Here's the "final" layout/"roughest rough" blocking of my short film "Snowfight of Fancy". Man, have I bit off a ton. I've still kept it basically at around 30-40 seconds. Some of that "over 30 secs." is because of my end credits. All the main animation ends around 30 secs. But I've packed in a TON to this little ol' short. I really REALLY can't wait till I get in the "real" blocking into these shots, but for the most part this is more then what was basically required for this class. But from what I've been told by many people who have been through the course already, I should be doing as much as I can over the next three weeks before my Class 6 starts. I guess it flies by fast!

without more ta's my film in it's latest state:

Until laterz!

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Anthony said...

Dude, looks great! It's fun to see the progress from the begining of the project.

I'm probably slow, but I didn't get the title until I understood the girl had a crush on the boy. Perhaps add a small visual that would help the viewer? Like put her hands together by her heart? Or have little hearts puff from her thoughts or something?