Thursday, January 14, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 601

Week 601

Well..I've made it to the final Class of Animation Mentor! WHOO HOO! This week means the start of the last push on my short film. I started the week with discovering who my final mentor was going to be. And the winner is...GREG WHITTAKER!!! He's an animator who has been at Dreamworks from the start, I believe. I'm super excited to get on with this term and to learn from this fantastic mentor.

This week we needed to take the first third of our film and get it blocked out. Since my previous mentor had pushed us to really get our films blocked out during Class 5, I had most of my ideas in there. I really had to work on the entrance of the boy character, as well as him walking through the shot in the second shot. I also fixed some issues from my final Class 5 notes on shot 3. This was the first time our new mentors had see our films. Greg told us in our first Q&A that he didn't want to know anything about our films before he gave us our crits, that way he would have a fresh view of them.

here's what I handed in for the blocking of the first third:

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