Monday, June 05, 2006

Put me in COACH...

...I'm ready to PLAY!! That's how I was feeling tonight as I went to my weekly Men's softball game. Now, I love playing competitive softball, and that's good since we are playing "A" ball (granted it's in Church league, but so what!). But just cause a guy loves it, doesn't mean he's a pro. When it comes to fielding, I tend to be catcher. When it comes to batting, I just pray I have the patience NOT to swing at the first pitch if it doesn't get into that nice, sweet spot. And then I pray that I can remember all my batting coach taught me (Thanks Ellie!) and hit the dang ball! After which getting onto that elusive first base is the goal.

So this game started the way most of the others did. You see my team tends to take the first game as a warm up and then hopefully win the second one. I played catcher (as usual) and then actually hit the ball a couple times...straight into the short stop's glove. Whatever. Then towards the end of the game, which we were down by not so much..but still a lot, and then we started hitting and I even got a run in. I even got to finally got to play one of my backup positions second (when there's someone that really wants to be catcher! ha!). And I had some good plays, if I say so myself.

We then took that momentum from the first game and took it hard to the unsuspecting second team. I hit every time at bat and made a few runs. I then was moved from catcher to FIRST of all places! I was kinda surprised, but the fact that we were up like 21 to 2 probably was part of it. We all actually were playing different positions. Not to toot my own horn, but I have to say that I did DANG good at first base. I had one line drive straight into my glove (thumbs still a tad sore, but I say "Bring on the pain!"). Then I had another line drive that went into my glove and then decided to leave my I also got to know the fence quite well as I went after a foul ball. Honestly, the fence jumped up in front of me! I woulda had that ball if it hadn't have jumped the fence!!!

All in all, I had a really enjoyable night. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Anyways..I know this ain't animation related...but ya never know..I may just do a softball short some day!!

Until laterz!

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