Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Animation Mentor: REFRESHER!!!

Well, I know some of you thought I was done and finished with Animation Mentor. But you were WRONG!! Yes, I finished up last Friday with the 18 month course, but I am now taking a Polish and Portfolio class which was not part of my track. My plan is to get work more on my film, yes, but also to get my other AM shots demo reel ready. Some things I work on this term might not be noticeable to many of you viewers, but to the people that might hire me, they will see it. SO, this begins my FINAL, final push at AM. Nothing NEW will be created this term, but much of my previous stuff shall be pushed to new heights (hopefully).

My new mentor (fourth one who is working at Dreamworks and third one who worked on "How to train your Dragon") is the AMAZING Sean Sexton!!! (click here for his film bio) I had my first Q&A with him tonight and besides having MASSIVE issues with the internet and the stupid AM site, it's gonna be a GREAT term!! More to come...

until laterz!

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