Friday, March 26, 2010

Animation Mentor: Week 612

Week 612

Part of our final assignment for Class 6 is to post our progress reel from our time at Animation Mentor. We needed to compile all our work from Class 2-6. As you might be able to tell, I have really enjoyed putting together my work. My actual demo reel won't be this crazy, but I have fun with this progress reel. Each term, I've taken the AM "Spike" logo and created a version from the film each mentor was working on (or recently had worked on) when I had them in class:

Victor Navone: "Alien Song"

Rebecca Perez: "Bolt"

Marek Kockout: "Shrek 4"

Jon Collins: "Toy Story 3"

Mark Pudleiner: "Meet the Robinsons"

Greg Whittaker: "How to Train Your Dragon"

You won't see the Class 1 icon, because we weren't to put that class on this reel. But the rest are present. I kinda had a blast designing these icon's and love this style of design. It's leaning towards the Mary Blair style, which I love. I wish I was trained better in color like Mary Blair. Still gotta work on learning more. Google "Mary Blair" if you wanna know more about her.

But back to my progress reel. Not much to say, so I should just show you. Here's my latest AM progress reel:

if you want to see a larger version click HERE

until laterz!

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